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Aiguo Rong



Aiguo Rong, the Executive President of CMBA (China Marching Band AssOCiation), famous drill designer from the band of the People's Liberation Army,rank of Senior Colonel. He is visiting professor of many universities, such as Jiangxi Normal University, Chongqing Normal University Music College, and the South Campus of Shenyang Music Institute. Consultant of Chongqing Art Education AssOCiation, Chair Professor of the Education Bureau of Yangpu district, Shanghai.

Rong has been engaged in drill design and the study of modern marching band theoretical for a long time. Published Foundation of Marching Band, Marching Band Training Course, Marching Band Training and Drill Performing, and so on. He is also the general director of Shanghai international Band Festival Marching Show Evening Party, and Chongqing mass band activity Evening Party. He has instructed hundreds of professional and amateur band marching and training. The drills he wrote and guided for the band of PLA has achieved a great success with a warm welcome at the Edinburgh military tattoo, other international music festival in Korea, Brunei, Hong Kong and Nanchang, etc.

The middle and elementary school marching band that he instructed and the drills he designed has won the gold medal many times in competitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc.